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Classique FAQ's

Question:      Why should you use an entertainment agency?
Answer:        A great many benefits come with hiring your talent via Classique Productions Inc.
                     1. We represent literally thousands of performers and can make recommendations based on your particular                      needs, budget, theme and demographics.
                     2. We handle all the details including pricing, payment policy, insurance requirements, contract negotiation,
                     hospitality and technical rider details, communication with talent, and in many case, on site coordination.
                     3. We stay on top of the talent to assure you they will be on time and ready to go as promised.
                     4. As talent buyers, we have access to talent sources not readily available to most clients. This can save you
                     hundreds of hours seeking and screening talent as we have already done that.

Question:      How do I determine which talent is the right one for my event?
Answer:        Talk to us at Classique Productions Inc. Our job is to assist you with determining which talent would be best based
                     on several factors including location, budget, theme, demographics and event goals. Tell us what your desires
                     are and what budget restraints exist and we will go to work for you, using our extensive knowledge and
                     resources to determine which shows or performers would best assist you with accomplishing your goals.

Question:      How much do the performers cost?
Answer:        This depends on several factors. Many of the performers are atmosphere performers only while others are stage
                     performers. Some work with full bands while others work as solo acts. Some of the shows are full blown
                     productions and some require less production. Therefore, each act must be priced on a job to job basis
                     depending on the requirements of the performance. A good rule of thumb for Classique Elite, the minimum
                     price for this level of talent would be $1000 for a local mix and mingle performance and up to over $50,000
                     for some of the full production shows with several performers. Price really depends on who, what and where.

Question:      I see a lot of Celebrity Doubles and Celebrity Impersonators on this site. How exactly can they be utilized. Do the
                     singers, dancers and musicians actually perform as the star they resemble?
Answer:        I must answer this in two parts. First, all the performers who are Celebrity Doubles including the singing
                     performers, are people who have a strong likeness to a certain celebrity and have studied, practiced and
                     worked very hard to developed the ability to speak, sing, dance, and overall perform as if they were the
                     celebrity in question. They have developed the skill to portray the star with such accuracy that it is
                     difficult to distinguish them from the real star. They can be hired for a great many reasons to fulfill
                     many different needs for a client:

                     *Mix and mingle at a party or club to give the illusion that real stars are present at the event.
                     *Pose for photos at a party to create a keepsake for the attendees.
                     *Pose for photos in a trade show booth to attract attention to the exhibit and present visitors with
                         logo items to take with them upon departure.
                     *Meet and greet guests on the Red Carpet as guest arrive at an event.
                     *Emcee, be presenters and assist with award shows or other styles of corporate events.
                     *Partake in commercial projects like Television, radio and/or print advertisements.

                     The Stage performing Celebrity Doubles are extremely valuable in many ways. Keep in mind that the
                     performers actually perform live and display talents very close to the stars they are Portraying.
                     The singers sing live, the comedians do stand up comedy, the dancers dance and the musicians play instruments.
                     Common engagements include:

                     *Multi cast impersonator shows with several performers
                     *Trade shows and Trade show receptions
                     *Company parties
                     *Conventions and Break out sessions
                     *Clubs, Lounges and Theaters
                     *Clubs, Lounges and Theaters
                     *Commercial projects
                     *Casino VIP events and Showrooms
                     *Cruise ships

Question:      Do the performers travel?
Answer:        Although it would be wonderful if we could offer an excellent Celebrity Double in every city and state, that is not
                     remotely possible as it does take skill and experience to recreate a persona effectively and the performers we
                     endorse are consummate professionals. Most are available to travel but travel expenses are added on top
                     of their fee. Travel expenses include, air travel, ground travel in host city, hotel, and meals.

Question:      Does the Celebrity Double stay in character for the entire event?
Answer:        Yes, the performer will “perform as” the star they are portraying for the entire contracted time but will
                     not claim to be the star if asked directly.

Question:      How do I go about hiring one of your performers?
Answer:        You submit a offer in writing and we will send you a information form to complete. Once you complete the form,
                     we will issue a contract for your approval and signature.

Question:      You have many acts listed but what if I do not see an act that interests me on this web site?
Answer:        We have a great many acts to offer that are not listed on our site but are in our talent data base plus we have
                     search resources that are not available to most people. Please contact us to receive a complete list of
                     available talent.

Question:      What are the payment requirements?
Answer:        We normally require a 50% deposit at time of booking and the balance paid on or before night of event.
                     Note that special payment terms can be negotiated if required.

Question:      What is the policy for cancelation?
Answer:        In the event of cancellation by the client, purchaser, venue or producer due to any reason, Including weather,
                     if cancellation is within 60 days of event, the Talent shall be paid the contracted price in full.
                     If the Talent is unable to perform due to illness, emergency or death, the purchaser, client, venue or producer
                     shall be refunded all deposits unless agreeable substitute entertainment can be provided.

Question:      Will the performers “customize” their material to fit my event?
Answer:        Yes, in most cases the Talent will work with you to customize to your specifications. Usually additional fees
                     are charged for this service. This should be discussed with Classique Productions Inc. as we can
                     recommend talents who excel at this service.

Question:      I see the term “Rider”. What is a “Rider”?
Answer:        A “Rider” is a document that details out the particular needs of a performer in order for them to be able to
                     perform as contracted. Things like sound and lighting requirements, special props, staging needs, and other items
                     necessary to insure the ability for the performer to perform will be listed on the rider. In addition to the
                     “Technical Rider” a talent might have a “Hospitality Rider” that details out travel and catering needs as well.
                     Classique Productions can work with you to determine which items are necessary and which items can be
                     modified to keep your obligations at a minimum while still insuring a top notch performance.

Question:      Will I be able to view the video and the audios on your site?
Answer:        Hopefully you will already have everything you need to view our site. In the event you get an error message while
                     trying to load a video or an audio, here is what you need to know:

                     There are only three programs that are needed to view the videoa and to listen to the audios. The first is Windows
                     Media Player. This comes already loaded onto Windows based computers so no worries there. If you have
                     a Mac based computer, you can get the Windows Media Player by

                     The second program that is needed is the Quick Time Player. If you own a Mac based computer, you will find that
                     it is already part of your system. If you have a Windows based computer that does not have Quick Time Player,
                     you can download it by CLICKING HERE.

                     The last program that is needed is Flash Player. This is usually included with the browsers that you already use.
                     If it calls for it you can download that program by CLICKING HERE.

How To Contact Us
Information Request Form
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