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MOONWALKER© - THE Reflection Of Michael
Starring Michael Firestone as Michael Jackson

What Our Fans Say...

I'm so glad he is coming back to Harrah's Laughlin N.V. We seen the show last year and it was GREAT!! I would see it again!! Karen -California

For the first time in my 60 years, I have become a "groupie!!!! Sharon-WA

LOVED THE SHOW and will definitely see it again and bring more people!! The dancers were great!!! Can't wait to see it again. We were at the show in Wisconsin and it was great. We were RIGHT in front of the stage. Do let us know when you book again at Ho-Chunk Casino so we can save the date. Looking forward to seeing the whole show again Becky-WI

I'm big fan. I'm from Czech Republic. And I just wanna say that your Moonwalker show is amazing. This is the best MJ tribute show which I have ever seen. The Voice of Michael Firestone is really very good and song Man in the mirror is the best. Mario-Czech Republic

My wife and I were fortunate enough to see Michael Firestone Moonwalker at the Tulalip Casino in Marysville, WA recently. What we can't find is an email address for him where we can express our appreciation and find his schedule for future shows in our area. If you can be of any assistance it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Robert & Sharon Dunmire-WA

IT WAS A THRILLER ALL THE WAY! His performance was amazing and I would love to see him again, if possible. I loved the show last night at Ho Chunk! I'd love to see him come to Illinois....chicagoland area. Kim-IL

He not only moves just like MJ he sounds amazingly like him! Maria - California

Great! Much luck! He is a winner! You will do well! John-AZ

Loved loved loved your show!!! And your costumes! Lol =) no u blew me away! You know his every move I was highly impressed! The dancing & singing was phenomenal & your dancers were fantastic!! I will definitely have 2 c u perform again soon! Just say the word and I'll fly in 4 u anytime!! It's hard 2 do Michael & u did it; thank u I was moved and had 2 refrain myself once or twice from being 2 emotional. Loved your performance u r truly gifted. Vivenne-IL

I had the pleasure of watching MOONWALKER with Michael Firestone as Michael Jackson today at the Saxe Theater at Planet Hollywood.
I expected a rather small crowd since they didn't advertise it and since it was just a showcase; however, the room was full! It was a great audience filled with performers, producers, publicists and agents as well as "people off the street". All enjoyed it and were hoot'n and holler'n. Next to Linda sat a Publicist who has booked people on Jay Leno as well as being Jermaine Jackson's friend. Also on hand was Johnny Stewart. I truly believe that Linda and John have a big hit on their hands. The choreography, the singing, the personalities...all combine to make one helluva show!
They got a standing ovation. Nuff said!

Gracie Fulljames
Fulljames Entertainment, LLC -Las Vegas, NV

Justin is still talking about the show and is wearing out the Michael Jackson CD'S and the movie THIS IS IT. Everytime he watches the movie he states "MICHAEL FIRESTONE LOOKS JUST LIKE THE REAL MICHAEL JACKSON.. MOM DID YOU SEE THAT HE DOES THE SAME MOVES TOO.. THATS SO COOL" Carolyn-AZ

Thank you for the enjoyment. I will be 60 this year but I will never get enuf of watching him as I loved Michael Jackson. I never got to see MJ in person and this is as close as I will get. I miss MJ very much. thanks so much for what you do Michael, you bring joy in your entertaining. Paula- MO

OMG, Linda. Firestone is amazing! You should be so proud of this. Where did you find him?!?!?Congratulations. Amazing! Bettina - Texas


Michael is so sweet and sensitive, just like MJ was - in regards to his wanting to meet & greet all his fans, even that young fan Justin W. Michael Firestone really is something special. I love looking at his photos on facebook. His two girls are darling, and he is simply GORGEOUS both with and without the makeup. He is adorable, and his cast is so great too. I agree with that other fan Steve C. - his shows are definitely SOOOOOO worth it. Donna-TX

My mother is still star struck and I was so happy we were both able to experience your love for Michael and his artistry. Have a safe trip and we wish you continued success. You are always welcomed back to our old pueblo of Tucson. Arman-AZ

Wow...that Firestone guy is GREAT!!
Pete- TN

Mike F you are amazing, & I can't wait to see the show again & get another great big hug. I LOVE you more!!!! Micki-California

I seen him last September when he preformed at the Imperial Palace and he was fantastic! Ashley - Nevada

Damn he looks so good impersonating MJ.. look at his clothes.. damn the!!! wow!!!Oh wow..mike firestones look is so close to MJ even without makeup..if MJ had not changed his look Mike would not have a job! Wow his vocals are good. Patrice - New Jersey


hi michael i was at your show last santa anna star casino awesome job. I want him to know that my mom and I thought he was awesome.!!!!!
Andrea - New Mexico

BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!! Every part of this Tribute is THE BEST I have seen in my 27 year career in this industry! OMG Linda!! I have goose bumps this is BRILLIANT!!! WOW the best MJ ever!!!! wow I will spread the word about this show!!!I just want to BE there watching it- the band ROCKS!! so cool to have live musicians on stage- and what a production!! I adore Diane (Dia) what a talent she is too- you have some serious talent up there - it feels like you are watching MJ's concert. Bella - California

I attended the show here in Rio Rancho almost 2 weeks ago.We absolutely loved the show ( i was the only one with a mohawk there) and I can't wait to see it again next time it comes through!! **Vanessa** - New Mexico

LOVED his show in Jeff City on the 4th!! Please tell Michael that he was SPECTACULAR that evening!! Just the fact that he can look like, sound like and EVEN dance like Michael is enough, the rest of the "stuff" is "fluff"!!!!! Hope we can pull it all together and have him here!! THanks!! Sandi - Missouri

Hey man !! you are awesome you did a great Job Take Care Sascha - California

I get chills when I hear him sing Earth Song, he is an amazing performer and mj would be proud! Stevie - California

this is such a wonderful thing that you guys are doing!! i just love the energy and the love surrounded by this!! if i can be of any help from chicago, just say the word!!! Dianna - Chicago

I so enjoyed the show in Philadelphia and am crazy about Michael!! Please tell him to keep up the great work!!! He is awesome! :) Cindy - Philadelphia

I had the pleasure of seeing the show in Laughlin at Harrah's casino I JUST FELL IN LOVE COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EARS... LUV ALWAYS MICHELLE - California

Michael Firestone/Moonwalker - Earth Song: What a great performance! Too bad we didn't get to see this at the night show, but the Dirty Diana acapella instead, was a real treat for me, that's my favorite song! Candi - New Mexico

The clips on You Tube are excellent and so-o-o much better of a presentation than the past ones. He looks good, the performance is a class act with showing more of Michael's personality...and may I totally awesome. It is great that you put the word "classique" in your business logo because everyone in the troup including you...are so special. There is more realism in these new video's, you hear him laugh a little, he is touching his fans hands and even acknowledging the crowd in the very back. This is a concert in the making and I love that...a lot! It makes you really want to be there to share the moment of a really great time. Love Dottie & Dale Zavodsky AZ

Love your show that you had in Mississippi enjoy it a lot and hope to see you again. ITS ALL FOR LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Samuel - Mississippi

hi, the show looks absolutely brilliant, any chance of michael coming to the uk maybe london, so that i can get to see the performance?.thanks wendy.x - England

i cant believe i have only just come across Michael!! He is amazing not to mention GORGEOUS!!!! :-) Can you please send me a list of his shows and tour dates, and if he is ever going to be in the UK? i have never been to Vegas,but i think i will be doing so soon!!!I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you so much Donna - United Kingdom

Would love to be added to Michael Firestone's fan list and receive his show schedule! My two children and I are HUGE fans!!! Thanks in advance!! Sandi - Missouri

hi michael i was at your show last santa anna star casino awesome job- Andrea - New Mexico

Hello Michael my name is Briana i went to the tribute there in bernalillo at santa ana star casino. You were so awesome. I liked the way you sang and danced like the real Michael Jackson. I wanted your autogragh but you were leaving, but I bought a picture. I wish I could have met you. I live in Rio Rancho Nm. Hope you come back to perform more Michael Jackson performenes. My mom and I are the biggest Michael Jackson fans ever. She has tons of movies, notebooks, pictures, teeshirts, cds bags, pens, posters, of him. Thank you so much. Briana- New Mexico

Michael is awesome. Please let me know when you find out about upcoming Southern California appearances for the show. Thank you! Sue - California

I saw you a few months ago and I was floored on how much you favor Michael both physically and vocally. It was like magic when I took a picture with you and I love your performance. Hope to see you perform again. By the way, I love this site, brings back great memories. Gadget Trish - New York

I met him at the OC fair, he is amazing and talented, we took a walk through out the Fair Grounds, it was so nice of him, lots of people walked up to him for pictures, and he always said YES, I love that about him, I also love those pic, especially the promo pic he look so much like Michael, love the emotions on his face. He really is a good person at heart and soul Thank you Linda - ANABEL- California

I am a huge Michael Jackson fan and now a huge Michael Firestone fan. I saw him at the OC Fair and since then I am hooked. I live in Los Angeles but drove to Banning,CA to see him perform there. I hope to hear from you with any updates whenever he is going to be performing in the S.CA area. I will go out of my way to see Michael Firestone. I met some other people that live in outside cities that are also willing to drive great lengths to see him.
Hopfully his popularity continues to grow and the production does as well, adding many more concerts to the itinerary. Thanks again! Octavio - California

Subject: wow what a great concert ...where and when is the next one would love to take my grandson Joyce - California

Saw Michael last night in Banning, Ca. Just want to say the show was awesome and I would love to see him again and take more friends & family Please send his tour information to me. Thank you and it was truly a pleasure to watch him perform. Linda - California

Linda, Just returned a little bit ago from the show in Banning and I just had to let you know that I thought it was great! Having seen Michael perform in Costa Mesa at the OC Fair I knew he was excellent but I had no idea that this show would allow his talents to shine all the brighter. It is such a great show you all have put together and I believe the whole audience tonight thought the same thing. I met a woman there who had never seen him perform and she sort of found the show by accident. We ended up sitting together and I told her how good he is from seeing the OC Fair show. She absolutely loved tonight's show too. We both loved how they managed to incorporate the lean into Smooth Criminal. That was great! Will you please pass on to Michael how much we enjoyed it tonight? Good luck with the upcoming shows in the next few days and I hope there are more bookings soon to come somewhere back out in Cali. Thanks to all, Karen - California

I truly believe this Michael has it and one of the finest impersonators I've seen lately. Being the Huge MJ fan that I am, he definitely has someone in his court. I am not young as i grew up listening to MJ and the Jackson 5 on the Ed Sullivan show but I never had the money to see MJ in person only the videos. I watch them a lot especially since his passing and I tell it like I see it. there were times watching Michael at Harrahs that looked just like MJ, even his walk. Wow he has put some time into this and should definitely be rewarded for an outstanding performance. I want to see more of him and soon I hope. Paula - Missouri

We just saw him yesterday at the Banning Playhouse in California. My daughter wants to go see it and she had to work. We want to know when he will be back in California again. He is so awesome -- really enjoyed the show! Thank you! Suzanne- California

just a short note to say ,his show in banning was truly amazing-he is something else. its like seeing the star i never got to see. Linda - California

Wow is all I can say...He was Awesome......His performance at the Silverstone was AMAZING...I drove up from Atlanta...A well made trip. Please keep me posted on his other upcoming dates. Thanks for giving us Michael...tear. Arlena - Atlanta

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the show tonight at Banning. Michael Firestone and his band are just truly awesome! I just sat there and could not believe his/their performance. Well, anyways, I met a gal named Karen at the show and she gave me your email address. I would love to be included in the band's mailing list. It was just by chance that I an article in the local newspaper here about the concert. So glad I saw that and made it to the show. Please let Michael, his band, and his dancers how much I enjoyed the show--the magic they brought to the stage; and to thank them for such a wonderful performance. Sincerely, Vicki - California
P.S. I got there super early and was lucky enough to see them setting up and warming up. I knew I was in for a terrific show just watching their warm ups.

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the show tonight at Banning. Michael Firestone and his band are just truly awesome! I just sat there and could not believe his/their performance. Well, anyways, I met a gal named Karen at the show and she gave me your email address. I would love to be included in the band's mailing list. It was just by chance that I an article in the local newspaper here about the concert. So glad I saw that and made it to the show. Please let Michael, his band, and his dancers how much I enjoyed the show--the magic they brought to the stage; and to thank them for such a wonderful performance. Sincerely, Vicki - California
P.S. I got there super early and was lucky enough to see them setting up and warming up. I knew I was in for a terrific show just watching their warm ups.

it gave me chills when he sang earth song in his show.. michael firestone is the best mj impersonator there is. Stevie - Mississippi

I am a 54 year old disabled female, I live in Richland, Mississippi. I was invited to a VIP slot tournament at Pearl River Resort for August 6 & 7. Along with the invitation to the tournament was 2 tickets to see "MOONWALKER: THE MICHAEL JACKSON EXPERIENCE". We both thought, just another impersonator, but it would give us something to do for the weekend so I called and reserved our tickets. As I mentioned above I am disabled and so is she. After losing what I consider a large of amount, ( I am a sucker for the slots), and may I add not even placing in the tournament, we decided to make the hour an a half trip back home and skip the show. After dinner we got our second wind and decided to stay. I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GLAD WE DID. I have seen quite a few impersonators, but this was one for the books. At my age it is quite surprising the song lyrics that I remembered. The moves, the clothes, the face, the voice, the look of pure love for what he does and the response from the audience is earth-shaking. During the performance I was watching an area about 5 rows from the front-middle, I slipped up to it to get a couple of pictures and Michael threw his Size 7 1/2 - Black - Dress - Stetson Hat. Well I bet you've guessed right******************** I GOT THE HAT*********************.I went to the Western store and bought a Stetson Hat hatbox, this will be put up for my only grandchild, a boy 18 months old. I will make sure it is just as much a treasure to him as it is to me. Linda, I don.t know anything about MYSPACE except that you have to be invited as a friend to correspond, ect. I would love to get that invite it would do an old woman good. Thankyou so much for your time. I will see Michael again!~ Robbie Bryant- Mississippi

Huge Michael Firestone fan! Went to the Laser Spectacular show on the 6th and that show isn't nearly as good without Michael. You should try getting the Moonwalker Show here in Milwaukee. Firestone gained a huge fan base here in Mil back in February and I heard a lot of disappointment on the 6th that he wasn't there. The Moonwalker Show would be a hit here and I know I'd buy tickets the second they went on sale! Zach - Wisconsin

Hi Linda, I wrote to you on Facebook about getting prices for a private party in Florida. Also, I was wondering where Michael would be performing on August 14th if he comes to Delaware. I would definitely like to be on the mailing list to get the schedule of upcoming performances. We saw him in Dewey Beach, Delaware this summer, and the show was amazing. No one expected the show to be so good. We recently saw another MJ show in Dewey Beach (Who's Bad), and Michael F. is in a completely different league!! Thanks !!Sharon Eppes- Delaware

Hi...I would like to be on the mailing list for Michael Firestone...We have been to two of his shows and they are absolutely amazing. Looking forward to attending another one soon...Thank you Trevor- California

Hello my name is Marilyn, I would like some information on Michael Firestones upcoming events I saw Firestone some time ago on dec.09 in san bernardino,ca. It was a lazer show i had a great time but since then have like to see him again since it was not with live music and i had been wanting to see him perform with live music. Please send me info on his upcoming events preferably the one's with live music and not the laser show. I have always loved Michael Jackson and watching Firestone perform brings me so much joy. He truly has talent. I really appreciate your time, Thank you and i'll be looking forward to hearing from you! Marilyn-California

hello. i recently saw the michael jackson laser spectacular at the orange county fair , and was amazed at Michael Firestones performance Chris-California

Would love to be added to the mailing list for Michael Firestone. He's fantastic. Just saw him perform last night in Costa Mesa, CA at the OC Fair and would love to catch his show again when possible. My name is Karen - California

Hi, I have been to two of Michael Firestone's shows. They are great! Can you please add me on the mailing list. Thanks, Shaunna- California

I saw Michael Firestone at Harrah's Laughlin in June 2010.
Michael Firestone sang, danced, moonwalked and turned the stage into a magic show that made you feel as if the real Michael Jackson was there. I even felt a few tears roll down my face. For all the many fans of michael Jackson who could not make a concert while he was alive, they will feel his spirit when Michael Firestone performs his tribute...awesome! Dottie-Nevada

I was at the show @ Harrah's Laughlin~~ Fantastic Show! He really does a great job! Karen - Nevada

Subject: hi michael ...nice performance on feb 19 at the river side loved it u were great!!
u r another michael jackson :) love your work Alexus- California

Linda, I met you at the show at the rudder saturday night, just want to tell you it was a great show. I have been spreading the word about Michael he seems like a great guy and a great performer. We had a blast. thanks for finding him. JULIE- Delaware

was at your show in dewey beach. I was the guy wearing the gold suit. I just wanted to say, my whole life I wanted to see MJ in concert and never could but you got me the closest. great show Chip- Delaware

wow you sound and move just like him....amazing Susan-Nevada

"I was at the show last Friday and it was AMAZING!". Victoria-Delaware

Hi Folks,Just had to tell you that my wife is still on cloud 9 over Michaels show this past Friday. Congratulations on a well produced show...knowing the average person doesnt take into account the hard work behind the scenes.May God bless you in many ways and be safe on the road. Gary & Leslie (the couple who drove 3 hrs from Hartselle, Al and spoke to you during dinner...didnt mean to take you away from your meal :)

Michael Firestone: can i get a list of dates where he will be performing would love too see his performance again WAS GREAT!!! My 12yr old will love to see she's a BIG Michael Fan! i would love for her to see Michael Firestone! Also i took over 400 pic's and some video at the june 9-10th performances at the HARRAH'S Casino in Laughlin, would like Michael to have a copy I do not have a my space to get in contact to mail to him can u let me know where i can send so he can have a set of these pic's.... They came out very nice. LIVE THE SHOW! Michelle - California

Hello, My name is Patrice Hawthorne. I am the former Peaches of the musical duo Peaches and Herb. I sang a piece of "I'll be there" at the Cove Haven in the Poconos.. I SOOOOOOOOOOOO ENJOYED THE SHOW!!! I am not sure who is responsible for hiring the background vocalist..but if you ever need a singer to fill-in for any of his shows that are on the east coast.. I would loooooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeee to do it... Patrice - Pennsylvania

Michael Firestone is really good. I was trying to go see him in Vegas until he came here in Feb to do the laser show. I hope I can get some where with the laser show guy. There is no chance of him doing the show in Wis in August? Is there anyway Michael will do a moonwalker show in Wisconsin? I'd really like to see him live again. Thanks again for getting back to me. Samantha-Wisconsin

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